Introducing NEWA 3.0: Updated Models and Resources for Growers

Posted by Dan Olmstead
April 22nd, 2021

The Network for Environment and Weather Applications (NEWA) is an important resource in the IPM toolbox for growers. 2021 is bringing long-awaited updates and improvements that were designed specifically with grower needs in mind. This article will quickly get you started with NEWA 3.0 during this period of transition.

Where can I find the updated NEWA 3.0 website?

NEWA 3.0 is at Note this website address has dev in the front indicating it is a ‘development’ website, meaning there could be some occasional bugs or issues. If you discover a glitch, have a problem, or want to ask questions, contact the NEWA Help Desk right away by sending an email message to We need your help to catch these last bumps in the road.

Is the old NEWA website still available?

YES. The old NEWA is available for all of 2021 at Note this website address does not have dev in the front. This old version will not be retired until after the 2021 growing season because we want to minimize frustration or anxiety that comes with learning new technology. For example, please feel free to rely on old NEWA for day to day management while you set aside time off-hours to learn NEWA 3.0.

How do I get started with NEWA 3.0?

There are three important steps to complete before using NEWA 3.0 models. Quickstart video tutorials are available for each at the NEWA Help Desk. See Table 1 for details and links.

How to start using NEWA
How to customize your NEWA dashboard
How to use your NEWA dashboard
Table 1. Watch these Quickstart video tutorials to get started with NEWA 3.0.

I found a glitch! What do I do?

Please report a NEWA 3.0 bug or issue to  Or send a message to with lots of details and a screenshot or two of your problem. We need your help finding and working out these final bugs.

Where can I learn more?

Visit the NEWA Help Desk. Follow NEWA on Twitter @NetworkforEnvi2 or Facebook @nysipm.newa and check out the NEWA blog at

NEWA is part of the New York State IPM Program and Cornell Cooperative Extension at Cornell University. NYSIPM partners closely with the Northeast Regional Climate Center to make NEWA available to growers in member states nationwide.