NEWA 3.0 grape management models are available now

Posted by Dan Olmstead
May 20th, 2021

Updated grape berry moth and grape disease models are available now. Give them a try!

Updated grape berry moth and grape disease models are available now as part of the NEWA 3.0 online decision support platform. These useful resources, combined with your own user account that saves favorite stations and biofix dates, will make the process of tracking pest and disease risk easier and more efficient.

Watch these videos to quickly get started with NEWA 3.0

Create a NEWA account (5 min)
Configure your NEWA dashboard (7 min)
NEWA dashboard navigation (9 min)

Then watch these videos to familiarize yourself with the updated grape management models

How to use the NEWA grape berry moth model (13 min)
How to use the NEWA grape diseases model (16 min)

Help us out by reporting bugs and problems

NEWA 3.0 is still in beta testing mode and we need your help to crowdsource final issues and bugs that the development team may have missed.

Contact the NEWA Help Desk if you have any problems, have questions or (especially) if you find a bug or glitch. Do this by sending an email to with abundant details, screenshots, and other information that might be helpful for a quick resolution.

NEWA is part of the New York State IPM Program and Cornell Cooperative Extension at Cornell University. NYSIPM partners closely with the Northeast Regional Climate Center to make NEWA available to growers in member states nationwide.