Buy a Weather Station

A modest investment in a weather station will mean consistent savings from enhanced IPM and crop management decision-making.

There are two weather station vendors, RainWise, Inc. and Onset Data Loggers, that work with NEWA. Before you buy, make sure you’re part of the NEWA network.

Am I in the NEWA network?

Seventeen US states are in the NEWA network. If you live in one of these states, your annual membership fee is covered in full. Visit our Partners page to find out if you’re in a member state.

Not in the NEWA network? Individuals in non-member US states can still join NEWA for an annual membership fee of $290 for the first weather station. Additional machines can also be added at a pro-rated cost of $260 each. These fees are paid after your station is connected to NEWA.

Want your state to join NEWA? Visit our Become a Partner page for more information about state-level NEWA membership.

Buy a weather station

NEWA works with RainWise, Inc. and Onset Data Loggers. These manufacturers build and sell weather stations that are configured for full compatibility with NEWA’s agricultural production tools. The NEWA network does not accept data from other brands or custom-built devices.

Contact our vendors to find a weather station that best fits your business’ needs. Knowledgeable sales and support staff are available to answer your questions. Speak with them about maintenance requirements, sensor replacement, and expected lifespan. Also, review the NEWA Maintenance Guide page for additional information before making your purchase.

RainWise, Agricultural Weather Systems

Brad Luscombe, Manager
Support, Sales, and Service

Onset, HOBO Weather Stations

Matt Sharp, Strategic Sales Representative
Environmental & Agricultural Monitoring

Weather station placement and activation

Follow manufacturer guidelines for placement of your weather station to ensure accurate and unobstructed data collection. Also, read the NEWA Placement Guide page for tips on siting your weather station. Connect the weather station to your vendor’s server and verify your machine is successfully reporting. RainWise, Inc. uses RainwiseNet ( and Onset Data Loggers use HOBOlink (

Connect with NEWA

Connect your weather station to the NEWA network after linking with your vendor’s online platform. Contact the NEWA Help Desk to start this final step. Help Desk staff will confirm your request and generate a work ticket to onboard your new machine. You will receive final confirmation when your weather station has been added to NEWA.

Learn more

Learn about the capability of your weather station and how NEWA uses the weather variables in the NEWA Weather Tools and NEWA Crop & IPM Tools on the About Weather Stations Page.

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Our goal is to provide a positive and productive NEWA experience. Visit our Get Help page for more information. Staff are on-hand to answer your questions, provide support for NEWA tools and resources, or help with your weather station.

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About Weather Stations

NEWA works with RainWise, Inc. and Onset Data Loggers, which are configured for NEWA’s agricultural production tools. Visit our Buy a Weather Station page to contact vendors and understand the steps required for connecting with NEWA resources.

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Become a Partner

NEWA is a partnership of land grant universities and grower associations. If you live in a partner state, you can buy a weather station for your farm and connect to NEWA.

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